Life After Biophysics

Earning a PhD in biophysics from UCSF opens your world to a wide range of opportunities. Below are just a few examples to give you a glimpse into the career potential and kinds of paths that might be in your future life after biophysics. Select a name below to read a full interview.

Lillian Chong, PhD

  • Loved the passion and work ethic she saw during recruitment.
  • Now a faculty member in the Chemistry Department at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Memorable story: UCSF Outdoors Programs.

Full interview: Lillian Chong, PhD


Stephen Floor, PhD

  • Dreaded high school physics.
  • Fascinated by molecular machines in college.
  • Now an assistant professor at UCSF Cell and Tissue Biology.
  • Memorable story: zombie flash mobs.

Full interview: Stephen Floor, PhD


Jeremy Wilbur, PhD

  • An immunology course helped determine his future.
  • Excited by UCSF’s science and culture/personality.
  • Now a director at Relay Therapeutics developing small molecule therapeutics.
  • Memorable story: nature road trips with other scientists.

Full interview: Jeremy Wilbur, PhD