Video Transcript: UC San Francisco Biophysics PhD Degree

Tanja Kortemme
Hello, my name is ​​​Tanja Kortemme. I'm the director of the biophysics graduate program here at UCSF. Our goal is to recruit scientists from all backgrounds and train them to leverage quantitative approaches to solve some of the most important problems in life sciences and beyond.

James Fraser
No big deal just a high resolution ribosome structure. I'm James Fraser, my lab studies the structure and dynamics of macromolecules using crystallography, cryoEM, and computation.

Bob Stroud
I'm Bob Stroud. And I'm totally fascinated by the idea that all of biology and chemistry is governed by the interaction of atoms and large molecular structures. We can cure tuberculosis.

Charly Craik
Hey, you want one of these, or one of these nifty t-shirts? If you're interested in recombinant antibodies, protein degradation, membrane proteins, come talk to me.

Fred Chang
Hi, everyone. My name is Fred Chang. And my lab studies the biophysics of cytoplasm. It's densely packed with all kinds of molecules, complexes and things. And we're interested in how this density is regulated and how it may impact other cellular processes.

Bo Huang
Hi. This is Bo Huang here. By using lasers to drill into the cells, and microscopes watch how every single protein, every single gene, every single organelle, running around instead of cells doing their job.

Sophie Dumont
I'm Sophie Dumont and our lab works on the biophysics of cell division. How to the properties of individual molecules give rise to the properties of large cellular machines? Particularly, I like to torture cells, using micro needles to poke at them and laser ablation to cut their structures and

Yifan Cheng
My name is Yifan Cheng. I'm a professor of biochemistry and biophysics. And my lab works on structural biology. Primarily we're using single particle cryoEM to study protein on structure and functions.

Tejal Desai
Hi, I'm Tejal Desai, and I'm part of the therapeutic micro and nanotechnology lab at UCSF. We bring together chemistry, typography, morphology, and dynamic materials in order to create devices and interfaces that can modulate biology.

Allison Williams
So my lab is really interested in how these macromolecular machines sustain life. We are interested in how they're assembled, their natural function, and of course, how they communicate not only with other machines, but other proteins in their molecular environment.

Stephen Floor
I'm Stephen Floor. I'm an assistant professor at UCSF. We study the best molecule there is in a cell: it's RNA. All the other macromolecules got nothing. Sending love from sunny California.

John Gross
My name is John Gross and we are interested in host pathogen interactions and how viruses cross species and ultimately cause a pandemic. Hope you come to UCSF